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Wow can you believe Christmas is almost here?!

This has been a great year for This Lil Dog of Mine Pet Services. As the holiday season approaches gift giving is at the top of everyone’s to do list.

If you’re a pet parent like me, you always struggle with what to get your pets. Earlier this year I met a lovely lady by the name of Donna Grossman, owner of Pup Trend, LLC. Donna designs amazing, handcrafted dog & cat collars, leashes, and bow ties.  Impressed by Donna’s designs,  I reached out to interview her for the upcoming holiday season.

Handcrafted Designer Dog & Cat Collars
As an avid dog lover and Great Dane owner, Donna has always been very connected to the gentle giants. Donna states “They are so sweet and loving. Their life is but a moment, but that moment is one that is so full of love and joy”.

So you’re probably wondering what made Donna start Pup Trend, LLC. Well try as she might, Donna could never seem to find a collar that looked good on her Great Dane Nickleby. She noticed they were all either too skinny or super boring. Donna wanted to find something that fit Nickleby comfortably and most of all showed his unique personality. After constant searching and not having much luck, Donna started Pup Trend, LLC and has successfully been in business for 1.5 yrs now.

All of Pup Trend’s dog and cat collars, leashes and bow ties are handcrafted with fabrics that are thoughtfully picked and sourced. Donna strives to pick colors and patterns that really pop against your pup’s fur. Quality is of the utmost importance to her and her customers. Therefore, when picking out the perfect collar and leash for your pet make sure you are buying a quality product. Check the buckle, stitching, clasp, and handle. Match a fun collar with your pup’s one of a kind personality. Pup Trend collars are a definite conversation starter for sure!

In addition, to making amazing handcrafted collars and leashes, Donna donates a percentage of all sales to local animal rescue groups. Donna believes “The best part of my job is doing dog events and charities. I love meeting the dog and cat owners and hearing their wonderful, heartfelt stories. The love they have for their pets is how I wish we humans could be with one another”.

It was a pleasure meeting with Donna and getting to know a little more about her business, Pup Trend, LLC. This holiday season, if you are looking for a conversation starter look into a unique, fun, and fashionable collar, leash or bow-tie from Pup Trend, LLC.

Pup Trend, Handcrafted Designer Dog & Cat Collars

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Pup Trend, Handcrafted Designer Dog & Cat Collars

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