So, you have decided to add a dog to your home?

When you are considering or have decided to bring a dog into your home there are many traits to take into account. Taking on the task of pet ownership requires commitment and the willingness to invest the time, energy and money it takes to provide proper care and create a loving relationship with your dog.

The American Kennel Club recognizes over 150 breeds and there are many different shapes and styles of mixed breeds. So, before you rush to the first dog that makes you feel warm inside, you should first consider your specific needs and lifestyle, the space you have, and your current activity level.You also need to consider whether you want to start with a puppy or an adult dog. The breed, age, and sex of the dog will all be important factors in making your final decision.

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Here are 3 MAJOR details to keep in mind when choosing a perfect dog such as:

1. What type of dog can your home accommodate?

The type of home you have has a major impact on the type of dog you can have. Every home is not able to accommodate every dog breed.

  • Realistically evaluate your home and think about which animals would be able to live comfortably in your home.
  • Consider the size of your home. If you live in a very small apartment or house, a larger dog with a high energy level may not be the best choice and you may want to consider something smaller.
  • Lastly, think about the weather. Colder or hotter months throughout the year may require your dog to spend time in the your home.


2. Consider the time commitment.

Think about you career and social life, how much time you do you have? Time is another major factor to consider when choosing a pet and it (time) can also strongly affect the type of dog you choose.

  • Certain dogs require a bigger time commitment than others, some dogs require training while others do not. Also, caring for younger dogs, such as puppies may require more care than older dogs. Different breeds may require more hands-on care than others
  • Also, dogs need time to play and a regular bath time. You will need to set time aside to take your dog on play dates, various appointments and develop a regular hygiene routine.


3. Lastly, consider the cost for various dogs.

Just like you and I, dogs require doctor visits, special diets, toys for entertainment and various bedding. Creating a reasonable budget for the health of your pet will help you prepare for any emergencies and or any other situations that may arise.

  • Within the first month of owning a dog you should prepare for a lot of upfront cost to purchase various items to provide care.
  • Consider vet bills. Some pets need to be taken to the vet more than others. Vet bills are very expensive and unfortunately, prices tend to increase with time. Young puppies are more likely to spend more time at the vet because of vaccinations, as well as, a much older dog because they are prone to health problems.
  • Overall, some pets simply cost more than others. When considering a dog you should think about everything that goes into paying for the dogs care.

Home, Dog, Commitment, Care, Time, Cost, Austin, Texas, Pet Service, Dog Walking

In the end all, breeds have their advantages and disadvantages. when you are choosing a dog to love please think about your current lifestyle and the kind of dog you can reasonably accommodate. Before making a decision, consider the level of commitment, review the cost and pick a dog that you can afford. Consider all of these factors before making a final decision.

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