Choose the perfect Handcrafted Designer Dog & Cat Collars

  Wow can you believe Christmas is almost here?! This has been a great year for This Lil Dog of Mine Pet Services. As the holiday season approaches gift giving is at the top of everyone’s to do list. If you’re a pet parent like me, you always struggle with what to get your pets. […]

Let’s get dressed-Dressing your pets up during the holidays

The costume fun doesn’t end during Halloween! Our pets only get cuter when we dress them up! Dressing your pets up during the holidays can be fun and festive. As more people continue to clothe their cats and dogs, the options of the type of clothing continue to grow. Although, the thought of pets in […]

Battle between boarding a pet vs getting a professional pet sitter

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As the holiday season approaches there are many things to consider when you are planning a vacation and considering various pet care options while you are gone. We both know that holiday traveling can be extremely stressful! Whether your family is traveling by plane, train or automobile, adding your pet as your passenger can make […]

Things to consider when choosing the right pet sitter

  Find the right pet professional Are you and your fur baby new to the city? Are you in need of some extra help when it comes to taking care of your pet? Finding a trusted professional service or individual to take on your pets care can be more than challenging. There are many questions […]

Kissing your Dog: Could your pet potentially be making you sick?

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We’ve all heard for years that dog’s mouths are cleaner than humans, but how much truth does this hold? To find out the truth, I contacted Dr. Aziza Glass, a recent graduate of Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Glass was gracious enough to write an article giving a little more insight to this […]

Top 10 Cutest Pet  Costumes 2016

 It’s that time of the year again and all of our spooky creatures that we like to call pets are ready for their Halloween dress up. It’s that one time of the year, where we get to dress up not only ourselves up but our furry little creatures! Halloween is a time to be creative, spontaneous, […]