Pet Waste Removal

pet clean-up services in Austin, Texas


Let This Lil Dog of Mine clean it up for you! Wash your hands of the whole “clean up” business. Our trainers can scoop your yard and or clean any other areas that are in need of care. TLDOM pet waste removal services will make cleaning easier and faster by lending you a helping hand.

Pet Waste Removal Service Includes:

  • Clean-up for two pets and each additional pet is $5

  • Back and front yard clean-up

  • Service checks at the end of each cleaning, with photos

  • Secure gate(s) when exiting, with photos

  • Dispose of waste off property, by request only 

There are many advantages to keeping your yard clean. Dog waste can compromises the appearance of your yard, attracts flies and other pests, pollutes ground water, and offends the neighbors.  Most importantly it can endanger the health of your pet(s) and your family. Let TLDOM waste removal service make your life more pleasant for you by eliminating the hassle of yard clean up. For information on rates visit our Prices page and for booking services visit our For Clients page.


More reasons for pet waste removal services…

Dog waste contains a variety of organisms like bacteria and internal parasites, this can be communicable and harmful to humans, especially children.

Various diseases and parasitic infestations also can be spread from dog to dog through uncollected feces. Since many dogs have a propensity to eat another dog’s waste, the threat of spreading disease this way should be a real concern to pet owners.

We look forward to taking this task off your hands. Our pet waste removal services are reliable, professional, and most importantly – Dependable!