Battle Between Boarding a Pet vs Getting a Professional Pet Sitter


As the holiday season approaches there are many things to consider when you are planning a vacation and considering various pet care options while you are gone. We both know that holiday traveling can be extremely stressful! Whether your family is traveling by plane, train or automobile, adding your pet as your passenger can make travel even more difficult. Therefore, if you are considering traveling without your furry friend you need to be prepared.

Here are a few things you need to know as you consider at-home professional pet care service or pet boarding, to ensure a happy and healthy pet during the holiday season!

The Difference Between Pet Sitting and Boarding

Pet sitting and Boarding are two popular pet care options that owners consider while planning travel during the holidays. While both options share similarities there are many differences to consider before making a decision:

Professional Pet Sitter


  • Professional pet sitters are able to go to your home and at specific times to feed, allow potty time and exercise.

  • Pets are in their own space decreasing stress a

  • Less risk of being exposed to contagious illnesses that may be present in a kennels.

  • Professional sitters are able to maintain your furry friends normal routine

  • Option to allow sitters to stay at your home so pets are able to have constant companions.

  • Professional pet sitters are able to provide peace of mind by protecting your home while you are gone


  • Bad weather can cause delay in pet sitter getting to your home

  • Limited knowledge of the individual in your home

  • If pet sitter is not able to stay in home, your pet may be alone most of the day

  • Prices may be higher

Pet Boarding


  • Prices may be lower

  • Access to veterinary care

  • Your dog may enjoy making new friends at a boarding facility

  • Luxurious accommodations such as DogTV, massages and other various amenities

  • Knowledge of individuals with your pet


  • Exposure to a new environment, scents and sights are factor which may be stressful to pets

  • Pets may develop anxiety from a bad boarding experience

  • Your pet may potentially be exposed to diseases

  • Dog may be picked on, increasing chances for injury

  • Your pet may get inadequate attention


Before siding with pet sitting or boarding consider your pet’s age and health, while the boarding experience may benefit pets in their early years with a lot of exercise and playtime as they get older their energy level may change and it may be better for them to be at home. If your pet is younger with more energy with few medical and or health issues and is healthy enough to divide attention among other animals,  boarding may be an option for your pet care. However, if your dog is older or requires medical attention, in-home care may be the best fit older pets since this provides them the personalized attention.

As you decide whether boarding or pet sitting is best for you, you must estimate the time you intend to travel. Whether your trip is long or short, both of these options require mindful planning and preparation. When planning for your pet’s care during your vacation or holiday travel, the decision to place your pet(s) in a boarding facility or hire a professional pet sitter is one that you should take careful consideration of. In the end, the safety and welfare of your pet is what is most important.