Pet Grooming Tips, Is Your Pet's Cut a Slay or Flop?


Today there are dog groomers who go above and beyond the simple shampoo and clip. With their incredible imagination, they work their grooming magic with shears, curling irons, dryers, dyes and other various materials to a create impressive work of art. there are so many style options when it comes to grooming our pets. With that said, while some styles are fun, creative and pleasing to the eye, they may not be so fun or great for the health of your pet.

When it comes to your dogs hair there is an infinite number of style options, nevertheless, here are fundamental do’s and dont’s to help you determine whether your should be a trendsetter or not. Hopefully these few tips will help you help you approve your dog grooming routine.


Your dog should have a regular bath time and bath at LEAST once a month. Failure to bath your dog could result in accumulation of dirt and cause other skin infections, however, do not bathe your dog too frequently because this could deplete dogs of the vital oils on your dog’s skin. Create a bathing routine that is beneficial to you and your dog, consider the following:

  • Research and purchase a shampoo that cleans your dog’s thoroughly and effectively

  • When bathing try to spend a spend a little more time on your dog’s neck since this is where his collar normally is.

  • Inspect your pet’s body for ticks fleas, scratches, itching, inflammation, foul smell or discharge

  • Lastly, combine brushing with bathing

Hair clipping and brushing

Brush your dog’s hair regularly and clip it as often as is necessary. A regular brush and clipping routine could also benefit your pet.

  • Clip your dog only with proper guidance from a professional groomer

  • When brushing make sure the length of the bristles on the brush and the teeth of the comb is adequate for the thickness and length of your dogs coat

  • Do not brush with too much force because this may cause injury. In the case of matting, brush gently or just clip the hair.

  • When clipping hair, do not clip too close to the skin could be harmful and create potential skin cuts.


You also want to clean your pets nails regularly to remove any hidden dirt that may cause infection, irregular nail care can also lead to nails growing into the soft paw tissue.

  • Keep fur around your pets feet trimmed

  • Find the right nail clippers for your dog.

  • Do not clip too deep; remember to watch out for the quick and other living tissue. If you happen to clip the quick, keep your dog calm and apply styptic powder to stop the bleeding.

  • After clipping, use an emery board to smooth out rough nail ends.

Extreme Grooming

Extreme dog grooming is only becoming more popular and getting a lot of attention in the media and various dog competitions. This type of grooming has also started many debates arguing whether this type of grooming is harmless or cruel to the animal. If you ever find yourself wanting your dog to have a look that is “outside the box”, consider some of these safety measures.

  • Consider the feelings of the dog. Choose a style that your dog could also enjoy.

  • Do not use human hair dye

  • Only use organic dyes and other materials that will not irritate or damage the fur and or skin of your dog

  • After your dog has worn the grooming style be sure to safely remove any materials and or dyes safely using the product instructions carefully.

Finally, create a specific grooming routine that suits you and your dog, and before making any decision in regards to products and or grooming sessions conduct proper research, and consider all of your options. These simple tips can help you ensure a safe, healthy and happy pet.