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Here Are 5 of Our Favorite Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Austin, TX

Heading out for a bite to eat is a major pastime for a lot of people, especially Austinites. Why cook for yourself when you can get amazing food and maybe a tasty cocktail served to you with friends? But there’s one friend that often gets left out of the equation when you want to go grab a bite to eat. Thankfully, more and more restaurants that permit our four-legged friends on their patios are opening in the Austin area, and it’s patio season!

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Kissing Your Dog: Could Your Pet Potentially Be Making You Sick?

We’ve all heard for years that dog’s mouths are cleaner than humans, but how much truth does this hold? To find out the truth, I contacted Dr. Aziza Glass, a recent graduate of Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. Check it out!

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